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recipe for "Crumb Cake" using real cake crumbs?

Does anyone have a recipe for a crumb cake that uses real cake crumbs? I had seen a crumb cake being made on the Cakeboss months ago where they actually used real cake crumbs as their topping (mixed with brown sugar and something else I think) but I can't find a recipe online anywhere. If anyone has one please let me know! I do so much cake carving that I literally throw out tonnes of cake every week and I'd like to actually do something with it... other than cake balls. I have no patience for that, lol.

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Replies to This Discussion u do c this website!i hope it will be helpful 4 u:-)

I dont necessarily have a recipe...BUT...I do have an incredible place you should check out.  Crumb Cake Creations makes an assortment of different crumb cakes in a "new jersey style" with big crumbs and super-moist cake.  The pumpkin crumb cake is my favorite.  Check them out at :Crumb Cake Store

I wish I had the recipe myself!

OMG...I thought I was the only one who noticed that.....I think what he does is just throws on the cake scraps to make the topping....I have found several recipes but none have cake crumbs in the topping I think you just have to experiment witht he recipe...

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