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Hello everyone, I'm new to selling my cakes, how do you work own how much to charge for your cakes? I have tried looking at professional cake stores on line but they rarely give prices on line and when they do, they seem extortionate. I know I should charge a reasonable price for them or I'm not going to get any custom, but I don't know how or where to start.

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Hi Karen - there is a link here about pricing on this site.

There are also several discussions about pricing in the Cake Decorating Business forum on this site.

Hope some of them might help xx

Thhank you Katy Nott

Also Karen

Go onto NOT cake boss the baker. This site is for decoratoring software. There is a very good article called:  "How much should I charge for my cakes".  It was so good, and so comprehensive, I printed it out for constant reference. One of the most important things to remember is you can only charge what the market will bear in your area. What I may charge where I live as compared to you could be quite different. 

Hope this helps.  :o)

Thank you June that is very helpful xx

:o)  :o)  :o) :o)

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