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I have started making ice cream cakes for a small funky ice cream company and would really appreciate your help with what fillings to use.

The ice cream makes the sponge cake soggy and we are stumped as what to put in between the cake and sponge so it doesnt go soggy, or are we doing it wrong? I used caramel, but he wants other ideas. Honestly, I am stumped!

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I think if you brush your sponge with a sugar syrup, that will "seal" your cake and protect it from getting soggy.

You could try fillings like lemon curd (spread ), banana cream, coconut cream, cookies & cream.

Just a few suggestions. Hope that helps.

Whenever I make an ice cream cake, I freeze the layers first.  Then, I can tort them if I want to and put multiple layers of ice cream in the cake, or just put the ice cream in between two layers. and press them together, double wrap them in plastic and freeze solid.  Once they are good and frozen, I frost them with buttercream or a whipped cream topping and just keep them in the Freezer until I need to decorate or serve.  A few minutes on the counter and they are ready to cut.  Nothing soggy about it!

Thank you soo much.

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